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The Belly Butter WORKED! Two children and no strech marks. Deondra C.

Subtle Essence, LLC
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 US
Phone: (202) 257-2805

Subtle Essence provides all natural hair and skin care products. Our signature product is Body Butter Love, made with Shea, Mango & Cupuauc Butter. This is a small, minority owned business in Upper Marlboro, MD, built on word of mouth. The founder of Subtle Essence is Nikki Finley. Nikki was a licensed cosmetologist with a passion for natural beauty. Her first product was inspired by her children, and the rest is history! Her passion for natural beauty led her to constant research on everything from carrier oils, to herbs, butters, and fresh fruits and vegetables for the hair and skin. Nikki is also bringing back her famous Belly Butter Balm and maybe Buttercups. Our Subtle products include: * Exotic Body Butter (Nut Free) & Body Butter Love for severely dry skin * Bath and Body Oil - Shea Oil, Coconut Oil & Rice Bran Oil - ideal for those with Eczema * Foaming Bath Butter - HIGHLY MOISTURIZING! * African Black Soap - Bar or Liquid. Great for those with Eczema * Castile Shower Gel - ALL NATURAL * Misty Toes Foot Scrub & Butter * Sugar Butta Scrub made with Sweet Almond Butter! Thick, Rich & Moisturizing! * Facial Kits - Clay Mask, Wetting agent, Toner & spa accessories * Orange Essence Hair Oil - gives hair a great shine and fragrance! * Macadamia Nut Hair Butter - ALL NATURAL - ideal for those with dry hair, but won't weigh the hair down. * Coconut & Aloe Moisture - ALL NATURAL moisture for all hair types, especially Virgin Hair and more! We encourage our clients and prospective clients to host a Subtle Party where they sample products, volunteer for a demonstrations AND hosts earn points towards their very own products. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Subtle Essence Products! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Capture the Essence... Subtle Essence Website Email


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