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Whisper Hill Bath & Body

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P.O. Box 11
Hartland Four Corners, VT 05049
Phone: (802) 296-7627
Fax: (802) 296-7627

Whisper Hill offers a line of skin care products containing mostly natural ingredients. Using high quality components such as olive oil, goat's milk, shea butter and eco friendly packaging, we are committed to making the world a better place to live.

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About Beauty By the Batch
Beauty By the Batch is dedicated to promoting the benefits of using handmade natural beauty, health and home care products to consumers seeking high quality products. We are pleased to present a diverse selection of talented personal and home care product artisans showcased within our Artisan Directory. Visit our Personal Care Articles Library to discover the benefits of using artisan-made natural and mostly natural "by the batch" products. Learn More About Beauty By the Batch.

Getting that Glow: An Expectant Mother's Guide to Safe Skin Care

"Pregnancy Glow" isn't a guarantee. Many women find themselves spending their pregnancy battling a myriad of skin conditions (including those that they may never have faced before). Acne and melasma (also known as the mask of pregnancy) are two of the most common, but bumps, rashes and general discolorations can also pop up. By slightly tweaking your beauty regimen and avoiding a handful of harmful ingredients, your skin will be radiant...  More

Natural Hair Removal

Given how revealing modern styles are, many women consider hair removal to be a necessary grooming ritual. However, many of the most popular hair removal options are filled with dangerous chemicals and irritants. So how do you choose a safe, natural, at-home hair removal method? Discover the safest, natural hair removal options by reading this helpful article.  More

At-Home Spa Showers are Perfect for Brides- and Mommies-to-Be

Whether you're planning a celebration honoring a blushing bride or a glowing mommy-to-be, a Spa Bridal or Baby Shower is the perfect antidote for pre-wedding jitters and pre-birth stress. Re-energize your guest of honor for the hectic days ahead! She'll love indulging in her favorite treatments while bonding with her closest friends and family. At-home spa parties can accommodate virtually any budget.  More


Mass-marketed household products may be more hazardous than you realize
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