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Children and Eczema

Eczema is an autoimmune skin condition that can affect us all. It's especially heartbreaking to see a child suffering from this uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. More and more children seem to be afflicted with eczema and other skin disorders. One of the likeliest causes for the surge in eczema is the increase in synthetic ingredients and strong, irritating fragrances used in mass-marketed skin care products.

Traditional medications intended to control eczema, including steroid creams, are not always effective, have numerous side effects and can even make the situation worse. It's such a frustrating situation for so many parents. The owners of Beauty By the Batch experienced this frustration first-hand when their young daughter developed eczema many years ago:

"We first became interested in natural skin care when our daughter developed eczema. After trying various commercial products, we realized that the ingredients in most products would do more harm than good when applied repeatedly throughout the day. While the FDA approves all cosmetic products for occasional normal use, we discovered that the FDA does not test for safety when the product is used repeatedly to treat chronic dry skin. We then decided to turn to natural oils and butters as an alternative to treat our daughter's eczema. We were delighted with the results."

In working with artisans and consumers over the past seven years, I've heard many other encouraging and ecstatic stories of parents who were thrilled that their child's eczema was improved or totally cleared up as a result of using all-natural moisturizers that include oils and butters rich in essential fatty acids and other nutritive ingredients. Switching to cold pressed natural soaps free of the synthetics found in so many mass marketed products can also be quite helpful. For more details, read this insightful Beauty By the Batch article: Natural Ways to Help Control Psoriasis, Eczema and Other Autoimmune Skin Disorders

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