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Commercial Fragrances Are More Likely to Cause Irritation, Skin Disorders and Headaches

Colognes. Perfumes. Eue de toilet. Body splashes. I'll refer to them all within this article as "fragrances."

Most commercially available fragrances, even precious fragrances that cost upwards of $100+ an ounce, include synthetically derived aromatic ingredients. Some individuals are more prone than others to headaches, skin irritation, eczema and sensitivity. The choice of ingredients and the strength of the ingredients used to formulate a fragrance can impact the likelihood of whether it may cause problems.

Throughout my years in working with natural aromatics and in interacting with individuals that cannot tolerate commercial fragrances, I've learned that those that experience headaches or skin irritation/dermatitis from synthetic fragrances can often enjoy natural fragrances without experiencing the same negative side effects.

The same is true for fragranced personal care products...

I had a friend that used the lotions sold at a well-known body product chain. Their lotions, creams, soaps and other products are heavily fragranced and smell incredible to most consumers. Not all consumers realize that good-for-you, natural sounding scents can be heavily fragranced with synthetic aromatics (often labeled as just "fragrance" within the ingredient list). My friend developed what appeared to be eczema on her arms, but she couldn't figure out why. After switching to lotions made primarily with natural ingredients, her eczema disappeared and did not return.

If you experience headaches or skin problems and use commercial fragrances and/or mass-marketed body care products, try switching to naturally made products and see if that helps. By using all-natural fragrances made with pure botanicals and essential oils, I've learned that not only do I smell incredible, but I simultaneously receive the therapeutic benefits attributed to the natural ingredients. In switching to all-natural and nearly all-natural personal care products like lotions and cold pressed vegetable soaps, I also receive the added benefits of the nutritive, skin-quenching oils and other ingredients they are made with.

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