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Tips for Gentle Massage At Home

An hour with a good massage therapist can cost upwards of $100 or more. The fee depends on the therapist, his/her credentials/licensing and the going massage rates for you neck of the woods. Massage therapists deserve this hourly rate because of the educational and insurance costs that they have incurred, their operational overhead, and the stress induced upon their own bodies from performing numerous massages over time.

Gentle massage is something that we all can practice and share with our loved ones to ease muscular pain, relieve stress, stimulate circulation and show that we care. Although we as laypersons do not have the expertise that massage therapists possess, we are able to perform basic techniques on loved ones any time of day without the expense or scheduling necessity of a massage sesson. We can also perform certain massage techniques upon ourselves.

Use the following guidelines as a basis to safely sharing massage with your loved ones:

  • Use only gentle pressure. Rigorous, serious massage should be left to a certified massage therapist.
  • Don't massage the abdominal area of anyone with stomach problems or who is pregnant.
  • Don't massage areas that are infected or injured.
  • Do not ever try to "crack" anyone's back or neck. Leave this to a qualified professional.
  • Do not massage anyone that has or who may have blood clots.
  • Be very careful when massaging anyone with special medical or health issues.
  • Use special care and be much more gentle if you massage your child.
  • Pets, especially aging cats and dogs, can also benefit from massage. Ask your pet's veterinarian for details and recommended techniques that specifically apply to your pet.

Use of a natural massage oil or balm made with all natural vegetable oils and essential oils is recommended for most massage techniques performed on the back and most other areas of the body.

A wide array of quality massage oils and balms are available from artisans who are experts in creating therapeutic and lubricating oils perfectly suited for massage applications. A massage oil serves several purposes. During massage, use of a massage oil nourishes the skin and protects it from damage. Use of a massage oil ensures that there is adequate "slip" as your massage therapist or partner performs various massage techniques. Additionally, a fragranced massage oil can be used to induce relaxation. In a sensual massage situation, a sensual oil emits an exotic, seductive aroma. If a massage oil is fragranced with natural essential oils, the essential oils will contribute additional therapeutic and emotional benefit to the massage oil.

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