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Massage Therapists: What You Should Know About the Oils They Use

I chat with professional massage therapists on a regular basis. More often than not, the massage therapists that I converse with don't have a solid education in the array of natural lipids available for use in massage. For the most part, they aren't awaer of the benefit of using natural oils, butters and aromatics like essential oils. Indeed, it's easier to buy commercial products in bulk, and it's often cheaper for them.

We would like to encourage massage therapists to educate themselves about all of the benefits of using natural and nearly all-natural products within their practice:

  • Mass produced massage oils are often fragranced with synthetics. Over time, these synthetic ingredients can cause sensitization, allergies and/or headaches.

  • Mass produced massage oils are often made with low quality base oils. These oils are not especially nourishing to the skin and can clog pores.

  • Some Massage products contain mineral oil as mineral oil is especially cheap to produce and does not go rancid. Mineral oil is NOT a vegetable oil. Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum production. It can clog pores and prevent the body from eliminating sweat and toxins. Mineral oil may also prevent your skin from absorbing any nutritive ingredients contained in the massage oil blend.

Massage Therapists: What's In It for You to Switch to Natural Oils?

  • As we move forward in time, more and more clients will become familiar with natural products. They will insist upon use of natural products. Massage therapists that do not switch are likely to lose clients.

  • You are exposed to the products that you use constantly. You not only absorb them into your skin, but you also inhale the synthetic compounds continuously during your sessions. Your health may suffer by the repeated use of any synthetic fragrances, low quality or rancid oils, or other synthetic ingredients like preservatives heavily loaded into products.

Massage Therapists are Urged to Support Artisans

As a service professional, you understand the dynamics of working for yourself or working for/with small businesses. Support the artisans and small businesses that make natural massage products. Some artisans can even formulate custom blends to your liking and possibly even create your own massage oil line.

Shop Confidently for Massage Products With Beauty By the Batch

Beauty By the Batch is a practical resource for assisting you in finding artisans that provide natural and nearly all-natural massage products. Begin your search by visiting the Massage category of Beauty By the Batch's Artisan Directory. Not only do the artisans that appear within the Artisan Directory support the efforts of Beauty By the Batch, but they have all agreed to adhere to Beauty By the Batch's Artisan Code of Conduct. By agreeing to our Artisan Code of Conduct, artisans agree to abide by truthful and accurate marketing as well as a number of other practices that are in the best interest of consumers.

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