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Choosing Natural Products for Children

Children are much smaller than adults, and their immune and other bodily systems are not as mature. You've certainly noticed that children require much smaller dosages of medications based on age and/or body weight.

The skin is our largest organ. It has the capacity to absorb what we put onto it including lotions, creams, oils, soaps, ointments, bath products and the ingredients they all contain. Ideally, children's skin needs to be nourished and cleansed with products that are made with their unique needs in mind. Mass-marketed personal care products made for children are not always as gentle as they should be. Commercial manufacturers tend to focus upon finding the cheapest ingredients. Quality and true benefit to the consumer are not always first on their list of priorities.

The use of mass-marketed soaps, fragrances and other products containing strong synthetic fragrances and other synthetics have contributed to the increase in incidents of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions affecting children and adults. The owners of the company that operates Beauty By the Batch developed a strong passion for natural personal care products after their young daughter had developed severe eczema. Traditional doctors and medications did nothing to help their daughter's condition. Switching to all-natural cold process soaps worked wonders for her skin.

All-natural products made with adults in mind, however, can sometimes still be too harsh for children. To care for and pamper your children's skin and hair, look to natural and nearly all-natural handcrafted products made especially for the needs of children or made with natural ingredients generally known to be gentle for children.

Please remember that often, natural products made especially for children will not be as aromatic as the mass marketed children's products that you may be accustomed to. Essential oils are the most frequently used natural aromatics used in personal care products. Overall, essential oils can be much more gentle and cause less sensitization than can synthetic fragrance oils, but essential oils need to be used sparingly. As such, you'll typically find the most gentle natural children's products to be fragranced much more delicately.

Shop Confidently With Beauty By the Batch

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