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Natural Skin Care for Men

Natural skin care is not just for women! Although large commercial skin care companies have focused on feminine lines in the past, men have started to speak up. There is a growing demand for products especially suited for the special needs of men.

A man's skin needs attention and nourishment just as much as a woman's. Although men can certainly use gender-neutral or women's products, the skin care needs of men do differ slightly than that of women. Generally speaking, men's skin is somewhat thicker than that of a woman's, but the facial skin can be more tender due to shaving frequency. Men have more hair follicles on their bodies and face. Men's skin also tends to be a bit oilier. The incidence of skin cancer in men is higher, but I am not convinced that the reason is entirely due to a difference in the skin between men and women. Women's facial products often contain UV protection, and this may, at least partially, contribute to the variance.

Quite a number of men have expressed to me that they are concerned with natural skin care products smelling too floral/feminine for them. All-natural, earthy, masculine essential oils exist and are perfectly suited for natural care products for men... Sandalwood. Patchouli. Cedarwood. Lime. Vanilla. This is only a partial list of the natural aromatics that lend a naturally masculine fragrance to men's care products. An added advantage is that natural, aromatic essential oils, especially sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood are beneficial for the hair and skin.


Because men generally have oilier skin than women, men tend not to wrinkle as quickly as women. Men, however, can still benefit from using a light moisturizer on the face and a nourishing cream on the hands and feet. If you experience a lot of irritation from shaving including razor bumps, cuts and burns, try moisturizing your skin both before you shave and at other times of day (i.e. at bedtime). A good quality moisturizer includes quality vegetable oils that do not clog pores. Avoid products that include mineral oil. If you have acne prone or especially oily skin, read Beauty By the Batch's Natural Solutions for Oily and Acne Prone Skin article.


Men should exfoliate their skin to stimulate circulation and to remove dead skin cells and debris. Exfoliation keeps you and your skin looking healthy. A great exfoliating product for men is a sugar scrub that can be used on the face and body. Salt scrubs are also wonderful, but should be avoided on the face. Masculine essential oils and fragrances blend well with the natural yet light aroma of the sugar. Salt conveys no real aroma.

Shaving Creams/Gels

Some commercial shaving creams and gels are formulated for sensitive skin. They, however, are often loaded with chemicals that can still irritate the skin and can instigate and further irritate razor bumps. Look to the natural shaving products made by the artisans for alternatives to synthetic commercial products.

After Shave

A naturally based after shave can help to tone your skin, fragrance it and protect it from bacteria that may have entered into the tiny cuts that naturally occur during the shaving process.

Lip Balm/Lip Care Products

Your wife. Your partner. Your date. Chapped and dry lips are unsightly on men as well as women. Naturally fragranced or unscented lip care products are easy to carry with you and use whenever needed. Be sure to apply balm to your lips prior to extended periods outdoors, regardless of the temperature or conditions.

Men can also enjoy a wide range of other naturally based artisan skin/hair care and fragrance products including colognes, masculine body sprays, soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

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