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The lotion is AMAZING! I took the sample of Nag Champa with me on the 4th. I just put a little on my elbows, because they were dry and I didn't want to waste it. It was awesome! I smelled fantastic the entire night, and just a little of the lotion covered not only my elbows but also my hands! I just ordered some Midnight Soap, Nag Champa, and I Love Lychee. I am SOOO excited. It was hard to decide, because they all look lovely and the ingredients sound delicious and wonderful.

Epically Epic Soap
Chicago, IL  US

Customer Reviews

THANKS Allison, my favorite scent now in a wonderful new solid lotion! This is an amazing product. Not only does it smell wonderful, it feels so good on my skin! You offer it in a very generous size, as well! I'll have to try this lotion in other scents (but you knew that already, didn't you?)! Thanks again!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I LOVE my new soaps and the custom soap is JUST what I wanted! Thanks so, so much Allison! I can't wait to place my next order!

Such great scents, beautiful presentation, quick shipment. I thought this was a really good deal and when I received the package and got to see the quality, I was really pleased. I will be ordering again!! Mr. Stripey was a big hit with my carpenter boyfriend. Thanks!

Honestly the best soap in the world and no doubt the most talented soaper I have ever seen. Packaging superior, customer service phenominal. What a lovely person and company. I am in love with this soap. Thank you so much.


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