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I felt compelled to write and tell you about my experience with your French Lavender Mineral Soak. I don't have the money to frequent spas, but this product made me feel like I was at the most exclusive spa in Europe! The aroma was intoxicating...I have never felt so relaxed and calm ever! My skin felt so soft and amazing afterward, and I smell wonderful! This is such a quality will be a staple in my household. Thank you so much!!! ♥ Alexis G. - Queens, NY

Bidwell Botanicals
PO Box 2776
Cumming, GA 30028-6509 US
Phone: (678) 373-4977  • (888) 360-3398

Customer Reviews

it's no secret that a drizzle of olive oil or honey can enhance almost any meal. now your skin can find out with the bidwell organics crme d'olive moisturizer ($17). perfect for parched patches, the extra virgin olive oil hydrates while the organic honey heals what's overworked and under-indulged. now that's delectable derm. available online at - julie b - san diego beauty picks

Bidwell Botanicals offers some wonderful all natural products to help bath lovers experience a new kind of bath. I am always on the search for wonderful new products that will make my time in the bath feel like a spa experience but at home. I recently took a bubble bath using Bidwell Botanicals Silk Shake Bubbling Milk Bath and loved it.

I used the Chocolate fragrance and my entire bathroom smelled like chocolate long after my bath was over. All I needed was a spoonful of the powder added to my bath water and the rest was bubbles. There is no need to use more than the recommenced amount. The one spoonful provides enough bubbles to fill a large tub. After I was finished with my bath, my skin was left feeling smooth and silky.

Jessica Bachus - Pamper Me Denver

I've used the Spa Rituals Sugar Scrub which leaves your skin feeling so "awake and refreshed". A+ Bidwell Botanicals~Your products are the very best! - Denise D.

Please, please never discontinue your Blackberry Sage soap! I always buy 2 or 3 bars whenever I order it. Your customer service is excellent and I've never had a problem with any of the shipments I've ordered. - Bridget D., Washington, DC


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