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We are committed to changing the world one person at a time and improving your health one product at a time.

Shea Touch
2100 N HWY 360 Suite 1001
Grand Prairie, TX 75050 US
Phone: (888) 460-4647  • (972) 780-0317
Fax: (866) 554-5623

Customer Reviews

I've tried Shea Touch lipbalm and hair care products and I'm in love with them. My daughter and I tried Shea's scalp treatment and it made our hair soft, shiny and strong. I didn't expect all these benefits in one product. Also, S...hea's lipbalm is unlike so many petroleum based lipbalms because it's all shea butter. My daughter doesn't have to worry about chapped lips anymore and she loves the fact that it goes on with a nice shine and it smells great. I love it because it's all natural. Judith C., Dallas, TX.

A testimonial to the amazing Shea Touch hair products, my hair is so much more manageable and my friends tell me that I have twice the hair I used to have! My hair was like frog fur when I let it dry naturally, now it looks like a beautiful mane! Thank you for introducing me to the line, it is high end results with a very affordable price tag! Gabrielle S., La Jolla, CA.

I want to share something major with you. There had been a spot right under the right side of my nose for many years that was always tender. The skin was constantly dry and flaking. It was so small and inconspicuous that no one ever noticed it. I had grown use to it and would forget it was there unless the skin started peeling and I would scratch it off with my nail. If I put some moisturizer product on it, it would disappear. Here is the good news that amazed me. After using the Shea Touch face crme for about 4-5 days, I realized a scab had formed over that area. To a nurse that means healing. Today the scab is gone and the skin under looks fine; no tenderness no flaking. Deborah H., Atlanta, GA.

I have been using Shea Touch Foot Treatment with turmeric for several months and have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin texture. Several years ago I had foot surgery that left me with unattractive scars. I also work out regularly and wear high heels - both cause hard calluses that are impossible to get rid of. Shea Touch has helped diminish my scars and softened my skin, leaving my feet feel baby smooth. All of the Shea Touch products are terrific! Heidi D., Dallas, TX.


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