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On top of emitting a subtle fragrance, her oils will tame a spazzy mind and perk up low spirits.

Hollow & Ridge
10 Fairview Road
Penn Valley, PA 19072 US
Phone: (215) 570-0276  • (215) 922-1956
Fax: (215) 965-8747

Customer Reviews

Its been difficult to replace my complex, once-staple scents, but as Ive been discovering more and more natural perfumes, Im uncovering what natural essences Im actually drawn to and what real fragrance notes should smell like. Thats why it should be no surprise that my favorite blend from a recent essential oil fragrance sampling of Hollow and Ridge was the sexy Arouse, a concoction made with my all-time favorite jasmine layered with vetiver, neroli and lavender and blended in jojoba oil. Its no wonder founder Issa Dixon says all of the oils in this blend brought her peace throughout moments in her life. We all are well-aware of the relaxing effects of lavender, and rose otto is one of those scents that immediately brings you to a happy place. Geranium keeps the floral goodness coming yet is also a bit uplifting. -Kimberly Loc


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