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"I shared my last Babassu bar with my sister and she raved about how great it made her Afro feel. I started my locks and stopped using conditioner and only used your bar and my locks and scalp stay moisturized. My Polish-Italian husband even steals my bar to wash his hair much to my dismay!!! Great product!" Audrey Melzer - United States of America

Anita Grant Limited
Janelle House, Hartham Lane
Hertford ,  SG14 1QN GB
Phone: 442081446881

About Anita Grant Ltd

When did the company start?
On December 5th, 2005 - was created, by the all round self-proclaimed-cosmetic-label-reader-ingredient junkie-mixtress, Anita.

Where did the idea come from?
It wasn't until Anita blistered her hands using a store bought bottle of so called safe synthetics that she decided not to purchase another off the shelf hair care product again.
Since then, Anita has been making her own brand of natural and organic skin care and hair care.

Why make it yourself?
It''s so liberating to be able to read the label of a product, understand the ingredients contained within and say ''NATURALLY, I can do better.'' " says Anita as she mixes up her latest batch of Creamy Cafe Latte curly hair care butter.
"You shouldn''t need a degree in bio-chemistry to understand the ingredient list of a hair care or skin care product label. It was a bit difficult at first to decipher all the Latin (INCI) nomenclature of the ingredients and separate the bozwellox from true benefits but I got there in the end.

Supporting Fair Trade and Organic Farmers throughout the world:
Anita Grant Ltd purchases her ingredients directly from farming communities and/or partnerships with fair trade and organic suppliers throughout the world.
Helping to maintain economic independence & cultural survival.
By using a variety of plant-based ingredients from different countries around the globe; we are celebrating ecological & cultural diversity through our goodies.
Anita''s ingredients & Goodies are NEVER tested on animals.

Anita Grant Ltd is IFOAM accredited:
The International Federation of Organic Farm Movement is a global body that advocates, facilitates & sets strict international standards to which all the major organic accreditation bodies around the world must comply.

Anita Grant Goodies for you are Good for the environment too!:
Using packaging that is 100% recyclable and/or compostable.

  • Polyethylene, recycled tissue paper, corrugated boxes, Jiffy bags made from 100% recycled paper fibre lining and glass bottles to house our natural hair care & skin care goodies.
  • To reduce breakage or spillage during shipment each box and/or bag is stuffed with a biodegradable loose fill, called Eco Flo, made of 100% pure vegetable starch and only available in the United Kingdom.
  • Using one of the United Kingdom''s only eco-friendly bubble wrap on the market, Sancell-bio Oxo-Biodegradable bubble wrap. The built-in degrading process will only commence after the product has been discarded.
  • Printing on recycled and/or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper.
  • Designing & printing all of their labels in-house
  • Reducing the amount of printing and/or printing double sided where possible
  • is run solely on renewable energy (wind, water and solar power)

Giving Back to our global community :
Most of the poor in the developing world are self-employed entrepreneurs.
Anita Grant Ltd commits a percentage of their profits towards regular loan contributions.
These loans provide affordable working capital, thus empowering the poor to earn the poor to earn their way out of poverty.


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