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I want to tell you how much your "Shea Butter Lotion" does for me. I have psoriasis on the bottoms of my feet which makes sleeping sometimes uncomfortable. Of all the creams, including prescriptions, your product provides the most relief for the longest time. It's not oily, dries quickly and has a very pleasant smell. Don't ever stop making it and if you do let me know so that I can buy at least a case. Yours truly, Dave Marden - Nashua, NH

StoLat Organics
Newmarket, NH 03857 US
Phone: (603) 659-7946

StoLat Organics is committed to bringing you the best all natural and healthy alternatives to todays abundance of commercial products. Many of our products are certified organic, most contain nearly 100% organic raw materials and the remainders of the products we carry are the closest to all-natural that can be made to withstand a reasonable shelf-life. We value an educated consumer and invite you to research all of the ingredients used in our products. Please notice the Ingredients tab and use it to find a glossary of terms with the benefits and sources for nearly all of the ingredients found in our products. StoLat Organics, whenever possible, gathers their resources locally from the fresh-air surroundings of New England. In cases where materials must be brought from afar, Shea Butter for one example, we seek out the suppliers that adhere to the strict standards of Fair Trade. Our products are NEVER tested on animals. his home-grown company developed from a personal need to seek out products that were not laden with synthetic colors, fragrances, preservatives and fillers. When our children developed severe eczema and allergies, we found that nature provided us with amazing alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We are not extremists, however, there is a definite place for mainstream medicine, and we were just waiting until all of our natural options were exhausted.and luckily, we did not get to that point. We developed Shea Butter based salves to control their eczema and calm down the dry, inflamed skin. Even now, our son has a small jar of salve in his school desk for times when he feels the urge to itch. It makes us proud to raise our children with knowledge and respect for what is around us in nature. This, coupled with our concern for cruelty-free and environmentally safe, renewable resources blossomed into what is StoLat Organics. The name, StoLat Organics, as you may be wondering, comes from the Polish wishing of wellness and prosperity. The literal translation, as used for a toast or a song, is May you live a hundred years. That is what we wish for all of you, and may you celebrate every moment! If there is a product that you are currently using that you would like to replace with something more healthy and earth-friendly, please drop us an e-mail and we may have just the solution.


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